The Antique that got a Milk Paint makeover this Week…

Remember this little piece I snagged a month or so ago?  


I fell in love with her immediately.  She’s sturdy and made well like most pieces used to be.  She has her original hardware and casters.  I loved her beautiful wood, and didn’t want to take away from it.  So I cleaned her up and brought her inside to walk past and see from time to time, waiting for some kind of inspiration to strike that would be fitting for such a lovely little thing.  And then, a few days ago, I knew the direction I wanted to go with her.  

I decided to paint her using Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Ironstone. (Check it out Here ) I knew I wanted to leave some of her wood showing… She was too pretty to completely cover up…Like showing a little leg 😉. 

I started with the drawers. I didn’t use any bonding agent, as I wanted the milk paint and piece to work together and become whatever it wanted (I secretly crossed my fingers that she would chip beautifully, and she didn’t disappoint! ) 

I decided to only paint the drawers and the legs of this piece… (Funny how I referred to her “showing a little leg”, and then I painted her legs… But you know what I meant! 😬). 

I decided not to wax the piece, I just wanted to use all natural hemp oil to bring out the beauty in the original wood, so I sealed the whole piece with that.  I may do a layer or two of wax later on to protect her a little more, but for now, she’s perfect. 

Here she is all dressed up: 


I love how actual pieces of my ironstone collection work beautifully with MMS Ironstone milk paint.  She got that name/color perfect.  

So there she is!!  In all her chippy-antique goodness!  I kind of love her.  Hope you do too!    Have you tried milk paint yet??  

Much ❤️, 


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